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Portland is a PR machine for light rail & streetcar

Here are Some Facts About Portland Oregon          

“It must always be remembered how cost-effectiveness works in the public sector: the cost IS the benefit.” - author unknown

The round 2001

The round 2003

Later Press

                                The Oregonian, September 21, 2006                           

"Started in 1997, the project was pitched as a suburban regional center, a model for smart development along light rail. But in 1999, the first developer went belly up, leaving unfinished buildings rusting until Dorn-Platz's arrival in 2001."

"The 4 1/2 acres of the former Westgate Theatre property will have the same type of mixed-use development, with offices, retail shops, housing and parking garages. The city bought the property in December for $4.9 million, and officials plan to start looking for a developer by the end of the year,"

"If the city allows enough parking and doesn't demand something the market won't support, he says, Specht would consider a deal."

                            The Oregonian Aug. 14, 2010                     

Years later, the psychologist's office is one of only two occupied units on the floor. She remembers the vacancy rate jumping after software security firm Galois moved out.    The Round's tenacious tenants survive their winter of discontent

The Portland Tribune Beaverton Round financial woes resurface

The Beaverton Valley Times, Jun 16, 2008, Round owners could face suit if fail to pay off $857,000 debt to city

The Oregonian, June 16, 2008: Beaverton council votes to sue owners of the Round for unpaid bills

The Beaverton Valley Times, Jul 26, 2007: The Round tumbles toward foreclosure

The Oregonian,  September 12, 2007,  Previous stories about the Round at Beaverton Central

                             Tribune August 7, 2014                        

After that, they’ll likely find about half of the city administration’s offices and employees have flown the coop for greener pastures at The Round at Beaverton Central. There, the city-owned Beaverton Building will house all municipal administrative services on floors one, four and five. City Moves In To One Building at The Round

                                                          The Promise 1998                                           

Downtown's Round project  expects completion in 2000 When light rail begins running next month to Hillsboro, one of the stops will be Beaverton’s new downtown, the Round at Beaverton Central.

However, the Round won’t exactly be ready for visitors. Instead, lightrail passengers will catch a glimpse of a work-in-progress that won’t see completion until 2000.

The Round is the centerpiece of the effort to rebuild and revitalize Beaverton’s downtown. North of Southwest Canyon Road off Watson Avenue, the 4.7-acre parcel will feature

a central plaza with fountain flanking the light-rail station, surrounded by stores, offices, apartments, condominiums, lofts, town houses, hotels, a health club, restaurants, cafes, a garden and movie theater.

When it is finished, Mayor Rob Drake expects the nearly $100 million effort to give focus to the downtown, which he said has lacked definition.

The Round’s light-rail station is expected to be finished by the Sept. 12 opening of the line. However, stones for the plaza and wall sidings were cut incorrectly, delaying beautification of the area, said Linda Adlard, Beaverton chief of staff.

That project will not be finished until November, when the retail office space should be done.   (Oregonian,Aug 17, 1998)